Use DayVenture to find events

I’ve started a website called DayVenture as a side project to allow people to find events that they can easily travel to. The premise is that you enter your location, then you pick a train station that’s within a comfortable distance, and it shows you events that are happening in that location. homepage

So far you can type a location or let it work out your current location, set the date you want to go and check whether you only want free events. stations

You then get shown a list of train stations ordered with the closest ones first. events

Selecting a station shows you what’s occurring around there. You can specify your interests by following the link at the top of the page, or just browse everything. The events all have links to share on social media or email with your friends. You can save them for later, but because there aren’t any user accounts they’re only stored locally on the browser.

So far it only has Eventbrite events, but I’m hoping to integrate more APIs, so watch this space…


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